The first two great evenings of French at the Bel

The first get together – January 9th 2017

With a slight sense of trepidation, I walked into the bar early and looked around for anyone that looked as though they might be up for speaking French. After ordering a pression, I saw a sign put out especially for us at a table right by a roaring log fire and hoped someone would turn up.

I’m happy to say they did – there were three of us in all –  It had been a while since any us had been in France, so it was clear that the language skills were a little rusty. Internet dictionaries came to the rescue several times, but rustiness did not stop everyone trying very, very hard. The conversation carried on for a good hour and a half, after which a general fogginess and a depletion of French language skills set in (nothing to do with the ale!). A good effort and we promised ourselves it would be easier next time.

Ils sont venus nombreux – January 23rd 2017

The evening arrived cold and dark as usual for January, but I was much encouraged by the first meetings’ turnout. My first efforts at advertising an event were successful – two more people to join in. It was so much easier having a native French speaker to aspire to and above all, to question! How do you say “I look forward to ….”? Something I had wondered for a while.  j’ai hâte de ..followed by the verb, was the “take home” phrase from the evening. Recommendations for films, resources for learning French and places to holiday, within France, all made it into the conversation. With meetings every two weeks, I may get better at French conversation!

If you’re tempted, please do come down to Bel and the Dragon, Churt – there’s a warm Bienvenue waitng for you!

A little of vintage France
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